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Where it all started!


We began riding Snowbikes in 2013 and were always packing cold lunches because the muffler on a 4-stroke dirt bike does not get to the adequate temperatures hot enough to heat food, like the muff pot does on a snowmobile.

In early 2018 the idea developed to add a cooling system to the bikes to help keep the bike temps down in the spring time when overheating is more prevalent. This started to work well, but we ran out of winter and the ability to continue testing.

In April 2018, we purchased a 2013 Polaris Rzr 800s. After our second trip out with friends in the mountains, they decided to build a fire to roast some brats. Being the picky eater that Skip is, he would not eat roasted anything. So the light bulb went off and the idea that initially started on the bikes now transferred over to making it work on our Rzr.

After five different prototypes, testing, research and development, modifications and improvements on the original design, we finally got the exact product that we were hoping for. The idea to patent it was immediate and when the search resulted in zero items like it, we were thrilled.

When the term "hotbox" was googled, there were definitions that were not what we had in mind. We added the letters A.T. to denote that this was for all terrain vehicles. The name A.T. Hotbox just seemed to fit.

We are SUPER EXCITED to bring the A.T. HotBox to the public so that everyone can now stop packing cold sandwiches for your outings and start having good, hot food without having to worry about whether or not you can have a fire to roast your brats.

The A.T. HotBox is changing the way you recreate!! - - for the better!