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From Raw To Ready While You Travel

Whether your adventure takes you through the mountains, across the desert, into the sand dunes or across the country, you can have a nice hot meal as you are destination bound with the A.T. Hotbox by Rebel Heart Enterprises.


The A.T. Hotbox is the new way to cook, while you drive, no matter where you're headed!

A HOT Meal On The Go... No Matter Your Method Of Travel... And More Options Than You Ever Expected

Ever wanted a hot meal in the middle of nowhere but didn't think it was possible?

What is the A.T. Hotbox.jpg

A.t. Hotbox

with the
You Food Is Cooking While You're Driving

No Carrying Bulky Barbeques

The A.T. Hotbox is great for all weather conditions. Keep your food piping hot during trips in the winter, and cook your food without an open flame in the summer.

Cooking On Autopilot

Prep. Pack. And Go.

The A.T. Hotbox patent-pending design sources the heat from your engine to cook your food while you travel or work.


The Cleanest Part Of The Whole Trip

Our A.T. Hotbox cooker is sealed and watertight, with a food-grade pan. The adjustable clasps on the side keep your food from falling out, and debris from coming in.

Have a HOT Meal, instead of sandwiches and snacks.

Made in Montana USA

Imagine Your
Favorite Foods

Imagine Cooking Steaks, BBQ, Tacos, Pulled Pork, Fajitas, Chili, Stew, Corn on the Cob, and so much more!

Cook and heat meals on the go, no electrical outlet or campfire, or bbq required.

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